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Pet parent guilt is Real: 5 ways to overcome it

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Any dog parent knows “the look”: that look your dog gives you when you’re walking out the door, keys in hand, and promising profusely to “be back soon.” You may have left your dog with an assortment of toys and treats to alleviate boredom, but what you’re really trying to alleviate is the overwhelming guilt you feel leaving her alone while you head out into the world.

When my husband and I adopted our “firstborn” as a 13-week old puppy, we threw an absurd amount of time, money, and energy into preemptively assuaging our new pet parent guilt: fancy toys, treats, modified work schedules, you name it. We even hired a “puppy nanny” for a few weeks so that she wouldn’t be alone (that’s a post for another time…). But at the end of the day, here’s what I learned actually helps alleviate pet parent guilt (and no, a puppy nanny isn’t one of them):

My own experiences with pet parent guilt would have been made so much easier if we had found a crate that was safe, easy to use and actually looked like a comfortable space for our pup to spend time.

The Revol crate is a game changer for pet parent guilt: it creates a safe and secure, comfortable home-within-a-home for your dog to enjoy both when you’re there and, because it has to happen sometimes, when you’re not.

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